Helpful Hints and Guidelines

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What you need for your Undergraduate Application
For a complete list of required documents for your undergraduate application click on the link.

Student Personal Profile
Before you plan your application, you need to think who you are. Complete the document and bring it with you the first time you meet with your college counselor. To download the document click here.

Monthly Planning Calenders for High School Students
These calenders will keep you on track on what you need to do:

Taking the TOEFL

  • All students are required to take the TOEFL exam to apply to the U.S. in order to demonstrate their level of English. We encourage students to take the exam immediately after returning from the States for a summer program or before they begin their senior year. Read more about what the exam is here.
  • Do not wait to take the TOEFL - schools require the scores by the application deadline! You can find information and register here.
  • For free online preparation, click here.
  • Click on the following links for information about each section of the exam: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing.
  • For information about what to do on test day, click here

Preparing your CV
For a detailed explanation of what needs to be on your CV, click here. To download a CV template to fill in your own information, click here.

When creating your CV, here are some helpful questions to ask yourself throughout the process:

  • Is everything lined up properly?
  • Is your school email address written?
  • Is everything written in chronological order, from most recent?
  • Are spelling and grammar mistakes fixed?
  • Is all information that is the same from year to year combined into one line?
  • Is your font Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, or Verdana in either 11 or 12 sizes?

Essay Writing
Useful tips and guidelines can be found on these 3 documents.

1st   Guidelines for Essay Writing
2nd  Tips for your Essay
3rd   Personal Statement Ideas Worksheet

Attend College Presentations
Throughout the academic year many college admissions officers visit the Anatolia campus to talk to interested students. Before you attend the college presentation, you should research the college. Use the College Information Sheet to help you develop a better understanding of the college/university. Bring the College Information Sheet with you to the presentation. To download the document click here.

College Evaluation Chart
Once you have gathered a lot of information from your reading, conversations, and
campus visits, use this college evaluation chart to help put all of your information in perspective. 

Standardized Tests

  • Some students will choose to take either the SAT or not take it and apply to the many schools that do not require it for admission. This decision will be made with Ms. Kotsi.  
  • In order to prepare for the SAT, read through this information sheet with links to online preparation sites.
  • You can register for the SAT here.
  • Free Online Test Preparaton at the Khan Academy. 

Prepare for your Interview
When college admissions counselors visit Anatolia, often there will be reserved time for in-person interviewing. For tips on perparing for an in-person interview, click here. When admissions counselors are not able to visit, often students will have the opportunity to have a Skype interview. For tips on preparing for a Skype interview, click here.