Information for Students

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Brief Breakdown

The American higher educational system is known throughout the world for its quality of the faculty, facilities, research opportunities, extracurricular offerings, and general resources. Our office is focused on helping Anatolia students explore the option of study in the USA, define their academic interests while enhancing their personal profile, and assist them in preparing applications for their undergraduate study in the USA. Learn more

There are more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the USA. Undergraduate college/university consists of four years of study. Traditionally a high school senior will apply to various colleges early in his/her last year of high school. An application includes the student’s grades from 9th grade (3rd Gymnasium) through mid-year 12th grade. 

Admissions committees also take into consideration: the reputation of the student’s high school, class ranking, and standardized test scores (Such as the SAT or the ACT tests).  Students completing high school outside of the USA are required to take the TOEFL exam (Test of English as a Foreign Language), or the IELTS Exam (International English Language Testing System) to ensure that their English is adequate to follow academic work.

Once admitted, students choose a major, or a concentration in a field of study, and spend four years completing the college requirements for a degree in that field. Most schools give students until the second year to determine their major, and the first semesters are spent fulfilling general requirements. (Some students choose to enroll in double majors for degrees in two fields of study, or "minors," in another field of study.) The most common method consists of four years of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) U.S. colleges and universities are increasingly offering integrated or interdisciplinary studies for students with specific interests that won't necessarily be met through a traditional degree. Learn more about interdisciplinary studies.

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