Anatolia Volunteer Corp

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Social Responsibility programs combine service opportunities with learning objectives and ours have been selected with the specific intent that the activity should change both the recipient and the provider of the service.

Volunteering through the Anatolia Volunteer Corps

  • Promotes learning through active participation
  • Provides structured time for students to reflect by thinking, discussing and/or writing about their service experience
  • Provides an opportunity for students to use skills and knowledge in real-life situations
  • Extends learning beyond the classroom and into the community
  • Fosters a sense of caring for others

Whether you are tutoring a new Anatolia student, teaching Greek to a young immigrant, or cleaning beaches after a busy summer, you can improve our community and the world around us, meet new friends, learn a little about yourself, and (if this is in your plan) highlight something unique about you in your US college application.

Interested students should meet with Peggy Perakaki (Maedonia 217) to determine which projects might best suit them, meeting their needs and interests and allowing them the greatest impact.