Anatolians at Work

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Because there is no substitute for experience, the US College Counseling Department of Anatolia College has established Anatolians @ Work, providing unique work place experience which connects Anatolia students to professionals through internships and mentorships. Careers in entertainment, engineering, medical research, business, marketing, IT, and tourism are just some of the professional venues students have enthusiastically explored. 

Opportunities are offered throughout the school year to our students ages 15-18 who are interested in work-related hands-on experience. Students interested in first hand knowledge and skills while establishing a one on one relationship with a professional in a real work environment are encouraged to take part in this unique program. 

Numerous students have explored their interests through Anatolian @ Work and have not only gained practical professional experience but also a better understanding of how to refine and develop their personal and professional skills for a more successful educational and professional career… see what some of the students had to say! 

The Anatolians @ Work program has gone international! Summer internships and mentorships for Anatolia students 16-18 yrs old are now also offered in the United States as well as in Greece. These international opportunities enhance students’ profiles by giving them international insight while they cultivate themselves professionally and personally. We continue to expand educational and professional horizons for our students, so please visit the US College Counseling Office so the process of connecting your interests to a professional environment can begin!

Please contact Peggy Perakaki ( at the Anatolia US College Counseling Office at 2310-398-277. We look forward to meeting and working with you!