Student Enrichment Programs

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In order to help Anatolia students extend learning beyond the classroom and into the community, the College Counseling Office initiated Anatolia Volunteer Corps and Anatolians @ Work in 2008. These enrichment programs help students to grow personally and develop their profiles.

AC Volunteer Corps offers selected community service learning projects (Government Refugee Center, NGOs, Peer-tutoring, etc.) which are designed to foster a sense of caring for others and change both the recipient and the provider of the service.

Anatolians @ Work is an internship/mentorship program which introduces students to successful professionals willing to share their world, giving students an insider’s perspective into the careers that most interest them. Internships/mentorships (conducting lab research, working in consulates, creating advertisements for companies, and much more) take place in both Greece and the USA throughout the academic year and during summers.

For more information visit the US College Counseling Office and talk to Peggy Perakaki.