Anatolia's University Summer Abroad Program

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Summer Programs 2022 availability still depends on safety measures that will need to be followed due to the challenges imposed by the the Covid-19 pandemic. The USCCO Team works hard to identify programs (in-person and remote) that will challenge you academically and offer you the same life changing experiences that summer programs can provide.   The availability of certain programs will be announced to you through this website, so please use this as your point of reference.  Certain things are apt to change so do make sure to be in touch with us, regarding any questions you may have.


Anatolia’s University Summer Abroad Program provides students with life-changing experiences—opportunities to travel and enjoy new and exciting places, as well as academic oportunities leading to intellectual and personal growth. Since 2007  when the summer programs began, more than 1500 Anatolian students have taken part in university programs in the USA, China, Spain, Germany, Iceland and Russia. The selected programs allow students to immerse themselves in their host culture, explore diverse academic interests, and have a real taste of what college life is about.

There is a wide range of programs for students to choose from – including debate, music, theater, pre-med, pre-law, business, engineering, computer science, international relations, STEM… to list only a few. Programs run from two to eight weeks and students may travel alone or in a group, accompanied by an Anatolia faculty or staff member. Whether you are a student in the first form or the fifth form, we can help you find the program that fits you best.

Please stay tuned as we are updating the information for the programs you are able to see on our At A Glance page. 

The USCCO Team